Hybrid Genesis Xclusive

[ HGX ] is an exclusive section on this network showcasing more of my high quality work/resources. You must subscribe for a membership to be able to get into the exclusive section of this site.

  • All money from the subsriptions will go straight back into the pot to keep this site alive. With all the contents and huge amount of downloads people do through this site monthly, it’s costing me a lot to maintain. Some months I have to upgrade the bandwith from being overused. Becoming a member of HGX is one way to support the site and my work so I can keep it alive and active for a long time.
    More freebies for your own pleasure. Exclusive brushes, patterns, textures, etc. Most of the freebies that you’ll find in the members’ section will mostly be those I think are my best creations, that initially I never would’ve liked to share with anyone. =)
  • Unique large brushes, large textures art – some of them even work nicely as artwork prints just by themselves.
  • By seeing and using my exclusive work, you will learn much more about my work. You will receive more fun tutorials regarding techniques in Photoshop.
  • Members will have the chance to request for tips & tricks from me, request for special effect brushes/textures/patterns, web design, etc.