Everything on this website has been created with love, for everyone to enjoy. Everything was originally and digitally handcrated in Photoshop by myself, the artist, Cynthia W. Therefore everything is copyrighted by me. Please do not claim these materials as your own in any way. Do not redistribute, reproduce them to be shared again anywhere else online without my personal written permission. Please always credit when it’s due. I created these in my own spare time, sometimes I don’t sleep for days just so I can work on this site, making brushes, textures, patterns or artwork for everyone to use and enjoy.

Please feel free to use them for anything personal, school projects, community projects. Do not use them for anything else that is ‘profitable’. Meaning, you are not alowed to use my work if you will gain any profit from the work that you create using these work of mine. If you would like to use these materials for any of your commercial work, please write me a request to purchase a User License Agreement.