All brushes/textures/patterns are my own digital artwork. Meaning they are my own drawings/paintings/illustrations that I create in Adobe Photoshop from scratch, without any aid from other resources. They are not scans or made out of stock photography work. Using these goodies means that you will be using my artwork in your work. These goodies are linkware therefore a credit, a link back to Hybrid Genesis is necessary when you use them, and I would highly appreciate it.

With these goodies:


use them for your personal artwork, school projects, fanart, icons, etc. As long as you would not be making profits (selling your work) you can use these goodies as you please.


copy/redistribute/recreate these goodies and claim them as your own anywhere online/offline.
use these goodies for any commercial/business work that will gain you profits.
use these goodies to create your own ‘goodies’ such as textures/brushes/patterns to be shared again online as your own. That is the same as recreating my work for your own benefit.

If you are interested in using my goodies for commercial/business work, you must request a user license agreement from me, by purchasing these goodies.

Thank you and please enjoy these goodies as much as you can for your creativity.

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