This is a new sub-section for HGX.

This is an option for those who are not willing to commit themselves in any membership on this site, but would love to be able to get some of the HGX goodies.


The packages you can purchase here are selected goodies from the members area (HGX). Non members are free to purchase these goodies anytime, without any further obligation other than the common terms of use of my work. These packages do not include everything that members get in HGX. These are only some selected goodies from HGX. If you want to get ALL of HGX goodies, then please, consider joining.


The only reason HGX is still here today, is because this site really needs the support anyone can give by purchasing a membership, or any other products I create. This site has grown so big, that when the bills come, I just don’t have enough money to keep it online!
I gain no profit from this at all. It costs a lot to keep this site alive and my family is already struggling as it is. I can’t really pay the bills for this site out of my own pocket anymore, since I have 4 growing kids at home and we’re only a single income family. I do hope that people understand my reasoning of why money is involved on this site.